Instructions for registration

  1. FORM: Complete the form with the activity in EAMTA and/or CAE and grant application (if needed).
  1. PAYMENT: Make the deposit or bank transfer of the payment.
  1. SHIPPING: Send an email to with the subject “Registration  – Last Name” and attach the proof of payment.
  1. CONFIRMATION: Once the data and the payment have been checked, a confirmation email will be received.

Scholarships do not cover registration to EAMTA/CAE. The assignation of travel and/or accommodation scholarships will be based on the funds that are available and after analyzing the profile of the participants. Although the organization of the school will prioritize the payment of the scholarships as soon as possible, this payment will be made depending on when the sponsors and governmental institutions deposit the funds of the auspices, which implies that the payment of the scholarships can occur even after school.

Last call for grants: February 24
Scholarship assignation date: March 26
Deadline for EAMTA/CAE registration: March 3

Bank details to make the payment

(bank transfer or deposit)

CUIT: 30­67681370­1
Cuenta Corriente en $ 13309-2 078-9
CBU 00700788-20000013309293

It is required the payment of the Full Registration of at least one author of each accepted Regular Paper to allow its inclusion in the proceedings of CAE. These will be available through IEEE Xplore® after the conference.

The accepted Student Posters must be covered with the payment of the Student Registration of at least one author of the work. These will be shown during the Posters Sessions in CAE. This payment includes the possibility of to participate in a course of EAMTA, if the author wants.

If you wish to assist to the Welcome Asado, on Sunday, March 10, it is required the payment of an extra confirmation fee, as is specified below. This payment is not required for full registration assistants.



Description Price EAMTA CAE Asado Synopsis coctail Publication*
March 9 to 13 March 14 to 15 March 10 March 14
(at noon and afternoon) (at night)
Undergraduate Student AR$ 900 X X X
Undergraduate Student IEEE member AR$ 800 X X X
PhD or MSc Student AR$ 1200 X X X
PhD or MSc Student IEEE member AR$ 1100 X X X
Professional (not student) AR$ 2400 X X X
Professional (not student) IEEE member AR$ 2100 X X X
Asado AR$ 300 X
Full AR$ 6600 (US$ 180) X X X X X
Full for IEEE members AR$ 5920 (US$ 160) X X X X X

(*) – Required for Regular Paper